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Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment in Ultimo

The Tried-and-True Solution for Wrinkles

Wrinkles are unavoidable with age, but our treatments reduce those wrinkles to help you look your best. Wrinkle relaxers are the most well-known wrinkle treatment—and with good reason! They’re quick, highly effective, and customisable for every patient’s needs. Many patients choose to receive treatment over their lunch break and return right back to work with minimal redness and swelling.

At Dr Refresh, a wrinkle relaxer is one of our many cosmetic treatments in Ultimo that rejuvenate and refresh the skin. We utilise our medical expertise to carefully gauge the amount needed, for natural, youthful, and safe results.

Concerns We Can Address

Smile lines

Forehead lines

Crow’s feet

Marionette lines

Undereye wrinkles

Drooping brow and nasal tip

Excess sweating

Clenching or bruxism

Platysmal bands in the neck

Inverted lip

Gummy smile


What to Expect

Step 1: Consultation

Before receiving treatment with Dr Refresh, we ask that our patients come in for a consultation to meet with Dr Ritu Gupta, our specialist medical and cosmetic dermatologist, or one of her associate dermatologists. At this consultation, we want to hear from you and learn more about your concerns. We take this time to develop a treatment plan and determine how a wrinkle treatment in Ultimo may help you.


Wrinkle Treatment Process

Step 2: Treatment

Your anti-wrinkle treatment is simple and quick. Our specialist dermatologist will mark the areas for treatment. Using a tiny needle, we will insert the substance in a series. This wrinkle relaxer blocks your muscles’ nerve receptors, which prevents them from contracting and showing unwanted wrinkles!


How It Works

Step 3: Follow-Up

The results of your anti-wrinkle treatment in Ultimo will develop over the course of a few days. Patients typically experience the best results in about 10 days, and they’ll last for three to four months. After that, they return for their maintenance treatment at Dr Refresh!

Benefits of Smoothing Out Fine Lines


Our anti-wrinkle treatments are one of the most well-researched methods out there, with decades of clinical studies to back up their safety.


Patients enjoy natural, less wrinkly skin for months after receiving an anti-wrinkle treatment in Ultimo.


This quick treatment can fit into even a busy lifestyle, with no downtime needed away from work or school.

Results of Smoothing Out Fine Lines

Before & After

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