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Mole Removal in Ultimo

No More Unwanted Bumps & Spots

Lumps, bumps, and spots can appear anywhere on the skin from a variety of causes. Many patients are not fond of their uneven appearance, but their cosmetics are not the only reason why they might be a source of concern. Some of them could be a sign of more serious conditions such as skin cancer, and it is impossible to tell what exactly these spots are with an untrained eye.

But the dermatologists at Dr Refresh are the most trained around, and we can analyse your bumps to determine whether or not they warrant medical treatment. If they are benign, we can integrate laser methods into your treatment plan for precise and effective lumps, bumps, spot, and mole removal.

Concerns We Can Address

Age warts and viral warts




Age spots




What to Expect

Step 1: Consultation

Before receiving treatment at Dr Refresh, we ask that our patients come in for a consultation to meet with Dr Ritu Gupta or her associate dermatologists, who are specialist medical and cosmetic dermatologists, or one of her nurses and therapists. At this consultation, we want to hear from you and learn more about your concerns. We take this time to develop a treatment plan and determine which of our acne scar treatments in Ultimo may help you.


The Spot & Mole Removal Process

Step 2: Treatment

We may have you apply a local anaesthetic cream to the area 30 minutes to an hour before your appointment. We will then target your treatment area with intense laser energy to destroy the unwanted pigment or raised skin. The appointment length can range from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the size and number of spots being treated.


How It Works

Step 3: Aftercare

Recovery after laser treatments is quite minimal, usually ranging from 5 to 7 days of downtime. During this period, we will provide you with topical gels to apply to the treatment area. We also ask that you wear sun protection, stay out of the sun, and avoid applying makeup to the site. Most patients need only one treatment to fully remove their bumps, spots, and moles.

Methods for Spot & Mole Removal

Erbium Laser Resurfacing

The Erbium device emits a targeted beam into the treatment areas, vaporizing and removing the unwanted spot (like peeling back the skin of an onion).

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Our CO2 laser intensively treats lumps, bumps, warts, and moles to strip back the layers of the skin.

Picosecond Laser

The Picosecond laser sends precise pulses of energy into unwanted spots, such as melasma, moles, prominent pores, or indentations from acne scars.

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