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Cosmetic Dermatology

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Skin Tightening in Ultimo

All You Need to Cure Sagging Skin

Our skin loses essential collagen and elastin as we age, which keeps our skin elastic and firm. Loose skin can occur anywhere throughout the body, but most patients want to seek advanced treatment for skin laxity in the face. At Dr Refresh, we have the best non-invasive or nonsurgical treatments available in Ultimo to tighten up your skin!

We customise your treatment plan using various treatments to your individual needs and skin type. You might experience the noninvasive contouring of Emface, or Ultraformer, or the highly effective resurfacing of our laser devices. No matter what treatment you receive, our specialist dermatologists will make certain that you find the highest quality skin tightening in Ultimo at Dr Refresh.

Concerns We Can Address

Drooping skin

Sagging jowls

Wrinkles and fine lines

Undereye bags

Loose skin in the neck


What to Expect

Step 1: Consultation

Before receiving treatment at Dr Refresh, we ask that our patients come in for a consultation to meet with Dr Ritu Gupta or her associate dermatologists, who are specialist medical and cosmetic dermatologists, or one of her nurses and therapists. At this consultation in Ultimo, we want to hear from you and learn more about your concerns. We take this time to develop a treatment plan and determine how our options for skin tightening may help you.


The Skin Tightening Process

Step 2: Treatment

After outlining your treatment program, we will move forward with your next steps. Each patient may undergo different treatments to achieve their desired results. These may include Emface, HIFU, noninvasive facial contouring, laser resurfacing, biostimulator injections, and more. Regardless of which treatment you receive, we will instruct you on proper preparation and aftercare to protect your skin and make the most of your results.


How It Works

Step 3: Follow-Up

Many patients have a series of appointments to reduce their skin laxity. You may have some aftercare steps to follow, but you’ll be able to soon enjoy your noticeably tightened skin after visiting Dr Refresh in Ultimo!

Methods for Skin Tightening


Emface is a noninvasive procedure that utilizes high-intensity focused electrical stimulation (HIFES) to tone your facial muscles and increase collagen, producing a lifted and tightened effect.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

We use a high-intensity focused ultrasound device to heat the skin cells to lift and tighten the skin.

Resurfacing Lasers

Because our Erbium and CO2 laser devices stimulate collagen production at a deeper level in the skin, it encourages your skin to regain some of its vital elasticity.

Picosecond Laser

A Picosecond laser uses brief pulses to boost collagen and help eliminate skin laxity in a 15- to 20-minute treatment.

RF Microneedling

By simultaneously heating and pricking the skin, RF microneedling can stimulate collagen at a deeper level and firm the skin.

Collagen Stimulating Treatments

One of the most ingenious anti-aging methods motivates new collagen and tissue growth to reduce loose skin and improve skin integrity.


Emtone utilizes radiofrequency and targeted pressure to smooth away cellulite and improve your skin’s appearance.

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