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Cosmetic Dermatology

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Medical Facials in Ultimo

Medical-Grade Facials for Medical-Grade Results

Facials are a classic way to revitalise your skin for a glowing look. At Dr Refresh, you can go above and beyond a standard facial with our carbon laser facial or aquamedifacial, provided by our skilled dermatology nurses and therapists.

At a medical facial, you have access to professional, medical-grade products that regular spa facials aren’t certified to use. Plus, our specialist clinicians can customise your facial to your exact skin needs and type. If you have several skin concerns that you want to address in a single, luxurious service, then our medical facials are just for you.

Concerns We Can Address

Uneven skin texture


Dull or dry skin

Fine lines

Congested pores



What to Expect

Step 1: Consultation

Before receiving treatment at Dr Refresh, we ask that our patients come in for a consultation to meet with Dr Ritu Gupta or her associate dermatologists, who are specialist medical and cosmetic dermatologists, or one of her nurses and therapists. At this consultation, we want to hear from you and learn more about your concerns. We take this time to evaluate your skin and select a medical facial in Ultimo that will work best for you.


The Medical Facial Process

Step 2: Medical Facial

You’ll lie down on the treatment table for your medical facial. The exact steps involved in your medical facial depend on the type you get, but we will cleanse, exfoliate, extract, purify, and then laser or nourish the skin with a variety of medical-grade ingredients.


How It Works

Step 3: Follow-Up

Most patients return for regular medical facials in Ultimo at Dr Refresh. Because these facials are more gentle, there is no downtime necessary after undergoing treatment. You can go right back to your activities and see us again later for your next facial!

Facial Options


This facial cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin with nourishing ingredients for boosted radiance.

Carbon Laser Facial

We apply a layer of liquid carbon to your face before following up with the laser. This laser painlessly interacts with the carbon to deeply exfoliate the skin.

Results From Medical Facials

Before & After

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