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Vaginal Restoration in Ultimo

Tailored, Combination Treatments For Your Needs

Fluctuations in hormones, ageing, menopause, and pregnancy can all lead to a decrease in vaginal lubrication, tightness, continence, and sensation. Through combined treatments using Emsella and our intravaginal laser,  vaginal restoration is possible. Strengthening the vaginal walls and the surrounding pelvic floor increases comfort, performance, and health.

These treatments lead to to thicker, healthier vaginal tissue to improve tightness and lubrication, reduce thrush, and regain your confidenceboth with sexual function and better control of urinary symptoms.

At Dr Refresh in Ultimo, our specialist dermatologists can pave the way for your complete wellness with the help of vaginal rejuvenation treatments for women of all ages. We take time to listen to your individual concerns and create a treatment plan that helps you feel your best, so that you can live at your best.

What We Can Treat

Lack of lubrication

Vaginal itching

Stress incontinence

Vaginal laxity

Vaginal appearance

Sexual dysfunction

Chronic vaginal candidiasis


What to Expect

Step 1: Consultation

Before receiving treatment at Dr Refresh, we ask that our patients come in for a consultation to meet with Dr Ritu Gupta or her associate dermatologists, who are specialist medical and cosmetic dermatologists, or one of her nurses and therapists. At this consultation, we want to hear from you and learn more about your concerns. We take this time to develop a treatment plan and determine which of our vaginal restoration options are right for you.


The Treatment for Vaginal Health Process

Step 2: Treatment

For laser rejuvenation, you will lie down on the treatment table while the probe gently treats the area. For Emsella, you’ll sit in the chair while the device strengthens your pelvic floor. Both treatments are quick and painless. Your appointment will take between 30 minutes to an hour.


How It Works

Step 3: Follow-Up

You’ll likely notice an improvement in your intimate health almost immediately after treatment, with best results developing over the next month. Our patients typically complete several appointments for the most success.

Vaginal Restoration Treatments

CO2 Laser Rejuvenation

We use a CO2 laser probe to gently and painlessly treat the vaginal walls for increased tightness and strength. This treatment enhances collagen and moisture levels.


Patients can sit in the Emsella chair, without needing to remove any clothing. The device sends high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) pulses to strengthen the pelvic floor without pain or discomfort.

Find Your Refreshing Treatment

Use our virtual consultation tool to identify your areas of concern, and receive recommendations on the best treatments for you!

Treatment Planning Tool

Pelvic Floor Membership

Take advantage of our monthly pelvic floor membership program to come in once a month for continuing Emsella treatments to combat aging, regain your confidence, and keep your pelvic floor tight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaginal Restoration in Ultimo

Is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment painful?

Not at all! Our vaginal laser treatments in Ultimo are completely painless. You’ll only feel gentle warmth from the probe. For Emsella, you will feel the contractions from the electromagnetic pulses, but there is no pain or discomfort involved.

Are there any side effects of vaginal rejuvenation?

Side effects, if any, from vaginal rejuvenation include some mild soreness and fatigue after the procedure. They should disappear within a day or two, while your symptoms continue to improve.

Are these treatments safe?

Yes, all of our treatments for vaginal rejuvenation in Ultimo are thoroughly studied and reviewed for their safety and effectiveness. With the expertise of a certified medical professional at Dr Refresh, you’ll experience the safest treatment possible!