Eat Me: 2 Foods That Can Improve Laser Skin Rejuvenation Results

Eat Me: 2 Foods That Can Improve Laser Skin Rejuvenation Results

In this article, Platinum Dermatology invites you to sit down to a banquet of information on the foods you should eat before and after laser skin rejuvenation at our Ultimo practice. We think you’ll “eat it up.”

Platinum Dermatology Works with You for Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation

Platinum Dermatology believes that successful skin rejuvenation is a team effort. Our skin specialists do their part, providing skilfully executed cosmetic treatments, but patients must do their part, too. This includes following pre-and post-operative instructions carefully, as well as eating well to promote health and healing.

Did you know that there are delicious foods you can eat to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and decrease the likelihood of infection? There are! Before you get too excited, however, keep in mind that not all foods are your friend. Many can interfere with your body’s ability to undergo and heal effectively from laser treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Laser skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment, but it nevertheless puts stress on the body. Your body will benefit from a steady supply of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients both before and after the treatment.

Let’s get specific…

Platinum Prescription: Peanuts for Protein

Peanuts are a wonderful source of protein. They’re readily available and easy to grab and gobble when you’re on the run. The skin specialists at Platinum Dermatology love peanuts because the protein they contain is needed for a process known as fibroblast proliferation, as well as collagen production and a healthy immune system.

If you don’t like crunchy nuts, consider a sandwich of whole grain bread with smooth nut butter (cashew, almond, or peanut). Leave off the jam. It’s loaded with refined sugar, which elevates your blood sugar, suppresses immune function, and promotes inflammation.

Platinum Prescription: Lamb is Lovely for Zinc

Australian lamb is world-renowned for its quality, but the skin specialists at Platinum Dermatology love lamb for more than its glorious taste and texture. Lamb is rich in zinc, a mineral that supports healthy immune function.

Where does a vegetarian go for zinc? The first stop is the produce aisle at your supermarket. Spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, and mushrooms (raw) are all excellent sources of zinc.

3 Lifestyle Changes to Make Before Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Our specialist dermatologists counsel patients at our practice prior to laser treatments with regard to lifestyle changes they need to make so they’ll be in tip-top shape for their treatment. For example, you should avoid or cut down on these substances that can affect blood flow

  • Restrict your coffee and tea intake
  • MSG
  • Aspartame (artificial sweetener, typically found in low-cal soft drinks)

One Final Suggestion from Platinum Dermatology

Beyond these food-oriented suggestions, the skin specialists at Platinum Dermatology strongly recommend that patients

Stop smoking prior to a laser skin treatment

Nicotine causes your veins and arteries to contract, impeding the flow of blood to your skin. Good blood flow is essential to healing. It brings much-needed oxygen to the treatment site helping skin to naturally repair itself.

If you would like to know more about laser treatments for skin rejuvenation to keep you beautiful, we urge you to contact Platinum Dermatology on 02 8014 6500 or use the contact form on this page to schedule an appointment at our practice in Ultimo.