Dr Ritu on Channel 9news re dangers in cosmetic laser industry

Dermatologists warn of dangers of unregulated cosmetic laser industry

An enlightening interview Dr Ritu recently did with 9 News on Monday 29th of April. Highlighting the dangers of being treated without appropriate diagnosis. It is crucial patients are treated by a practitioner who is experienced in diagnosing, treating and managing your concerns. A specialist dermatologist like Dr Ritu can diagnose your skin concern to ensure it is being treated appropriately and safely. As explained in the segment, the cosmetic industry is unfortunately under-regulated.

In our specialist dermatology practice all treatments are overseen by Dr Ritu and she is making the diagnosis and ensuring and that your treating clinician has been proficiently trained in the device.
At Dr Refresh, our staff all undergo extensive training under Dr Ritu herself. Don’t take the risk!

Watch the Full Interview Here