The Future of Facials


What is it? Emface works to tone and lift the muscles by pushing two types of energy: Radio-frequency (to stimulate collagen) and high intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (to improve facial tone). Treats muscle strength and skin texture at the same time.

Have it if… you feel like gravity is taking hold and your face is losing volume and firmness.

How it works: Applicator pads are placed on each cheek and the forehead, then attached to a machine that heats skin and triggers muscles to contract. “Emface is needle-free, pain-free treatment that tightens and gives back volume to the face by strengthening muscles,” says Dr Ritu Gupta, Specialist Dermatologist at Platinum Dermatology and Dr Refresh. “It also increases collagen and elastic tissue and reduces wrinkles.” Four treatments in as many weeks are required for best results.

What to expect: You’ll feel a warm tingling as the pads heat up. It doesn’t hurt but expect your face to scrunch up intensely. It’s a physical workout for facial muscles and, while it feels odd on cheeks, it’s almost relaxing on the forehead. It’s a 20-minute procedure with no redness afterwards. THE PAIN SCALE: 1/10. It’s not painful but the intense muscle contraction takes some getting used to.

Where to get it: Dr Refresh or Platinum Dermatology, Sydney (

Interview with Dr Ritu Gupta of Platinum Dermatology and Dr Refresh

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